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Your Business Website Built for Success!
Who we are?
Who we are

What’s in a name? EKIMANIT.COM – Pronounced “E-KIM-A-NIT” is actually Mike & Tina spelled backwards.

Ekimanit was created out of a desire to create a website for my family genealogy. While working on my family genealogy
website, I started getting request from relatives, friends and business owners to create a website for them.

I took the leap of faith and began the process of creating a small business website called EKIMANIT.COM. Our mission is to
help personal and small businesses create an internet presence without breaking the bank. So, come take a leap of faith with

Website design for Small Business Success

You need a website but don’t have the time or energy to build let alone manage your small business website.  We help local business attract more clients by creating a beautiful, responsive website.

At EKIMANIT.COM we know you would rather be doing something else, like managing the success of your small business.  Whether you’re a small business, an entertainer, or just someone who needs a website, come and discover what we can do for you.  We like to keep it simple so If you have your own ideas or you want us to design a website for you, we can quickly get you up and running.

Because your website won’t succeed without proper planning and intuitive website design, you need someone who focuses on your business goals and tailors a plan to meet your needs.  Someone to not only support you throughout the process by answering your questions and concerns, but long after your website has been completed.

Ongoing support, regular updates, reliable hosting and sound advice is not something we talk about, it is our commitment to you.  While you are busy growing your business we will be here helping you achieve success.  It would be our pleasure to discuss your website needs with you.  Click here if you have any questions about starting your journey to success.