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Who we are?
Who we are

What’s in a Name? EKIMANIT.COM – Pronounced as “E-KIM-A-NIT,” is actually a creative twist on the names Mike and Tina, spelled backward.

Ekimanit was born from a personal passion for creating a family genealogy website. As I delved into this project, I began receiving requests from relatives, friends, and fellow business owners, all seeking their websites.

Embracing this opportunity, I took the leap and launched EKIMANIT.COM. Our mission is clear: to assist individuals and small businesses in establishing a cost-effective online presence. So, why not take a leap of faith with us?

Website design for Small Business Success

At EKIMANIT.COM, we simplify the process of getting a beautiful, responsive website for your small business or personal needs. We understand you’d rather focus on running your business, so we offer a straightforward approach. Whether you have your ideas or want us to design your website, we can quickly get you started.

We prioritize your business goals, providing ongoing support, regular updates, reliable hosting, and expert advice. Our commitment is to support you not only during but also after your website is completed. Your success is our goal. Let’s discuss your website needs; c
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