New Website Design – $250 “One time fee”

At EKIMANIT.COM, we keep the pricing structure simple.  Fees for all new designs are $250.00 USD for the initial website design layout (includes five pages); this is a one-time fee.  EKIMANIT.COM will create layouts for your review and we will keep updating until we get it just right!  Each additional page, based on the original template, is $10.00 USD per page.

E-Commerce setup – $100 “One time fee”

Fee for E-Commerce setup, for the sale of goods and services, is an additional $100.00 USD; this is a one-time fee. 

Monthly Maintenance Fee – $65 to $120 /mo

Maintenance fees are paid via ACH (automatic bank draft) from your banking account.  You have the choice of billing dates – 1st or 15th of the month